Ad De Bruin


Ad de Bruin, a Dutch man, was a missionary in Africa for 10 years, serving with the international organization Youth With A Mission (YWAM).

During his time in Uganda he experienced how God can transform a nation and among other things, trained the top of the police force how to implement Biblical principles in their daily work.

Currently he serves in Slovakia where together with other leaders is implementing the blueprint God has given in His word, to bring transformation in every sphere of society. He works with members of the national parliament, businessmen, media people, educators and influencers in the nation.

He lectures at the University of the Nations which is YWAM’s international university which operates in 120 nations.

Ad is married to Ingela, who is Swedish and together have three sons.

Having a heart to see potential leaders released into their giftings and ministry, he teaches on a wide range of subjects both within and outside of Slovakia.