Dr. Mark Beliles

@ NationalTransformation.com

As president of the Global Transformation Network (www.NationalTransformation.com) and the America Company (www.AmericaCompany.org) Beliles is a popular speaker and cultural leadership coach who has traveled to over 50 countries and addressed parliaments and high-level leaders of nations on the topic of faith and freedom. He identifies, trains, coaches and connects together leaders from the seven most influential areas of culture (sometimes called “mountains”): Government, Education, Business, Medicine, Arts/Media, Family and Church. Besides being a speaker, he is also a historian and author who has written books for popular audiences (America’s Providential History), and scholarly ones (Doubting Thomas? The Religious Life and Legacy of Thomas Jefferson). Beliles also serve as a leader in the Transform World, Statesmen Project, Disciple Nations Alliance, Int’l Coalition of Apostolic Leaders, etc. He is an ordained minister who has served as pastor over various non-denominational churches in the United States including Grace Covenant Church in Charlottesville which he founded in 1981. He and his wife Nancy have three children and five grandchildren.