Libor Machálek


Libor Michálek is a Senator and well known and respected figure for anti-corruption based in Prague, Czech Republic, who specializes in financial economics and public leadership. In his extensive career within various institutions ranging from the Czech National Property Fund, Czech Securities Commission, World Bank, The State and Environment Fund, to his current role as Senator within the Czech Parliament, Mr. Michalek has been a voice for integrity and truth within national institutions. Throughout his career, a consistent theme that Mr. Michalek has confronted has been corruption, and his consistent response to champion righteousness regardless of the personal cost has made him a respected and trusted public leader. Drawing attention to the machinations in the privatization of state-owned shares, contributing to the recovery of hundreds of millions of Czech Crowns stolen from collective investment funds, and preventing transactions intended for illegal political party financing have been among the challenges in which Libor has demonstrated not only astute leadership and technical knowledge, but courage.